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Slot Machine Types: Similarities and Differences

There are many types of slot machines that you can see in any casino today. The common types are video slots, traditional slots, and progressive payout slots. These various types of slot machines accept different kinds of currency denominations from penny slots to five-dollar slots and even ten-dollar slots.

Even if these types of slot machines vary in cost, appearance, and payout, the way their individual mechanism work is very similar. The resulting patterns or numbers that are displayed on the screen of slot machines are all generated through the random number generator or RNG.

Most of the American states require that any slot machine will have a specific payout percentage between 85% to 92%. It literally means that whatever slot machine you are playing, throughout the life of that machine, the payout will be about nine cents for every dollar bet.

The most noticeable differences between the many types of slot machines are their individual appearances. There are slot machines that are still using the pull lever on the side with three reels also called "one-arm bandit". But more are now using computer screens.

Even the "one-arm bandit" types don't work the way they do before. To activate the reels, push buttons are now used instead of pull levers. The traditional slot machines that have three reels are being developed and now there are many pattern combinations that give players more chances to win.

There are video slot machines that have five, six, or even more spaces where a given pattern can be made. But in spite of these many developments, the payout rate of these slot machines is still the same and your winning chances on video slots are still the same on traditional slots over time.

Another variation within the types of slot machines is the amount of money to be used for betting and if it gives the players more chances for winning. On the traditional slot machines that use mechanical reels, you can usually bet to the maximum of five lines - upper, middle, lower, and diagonal lines.

For example, for a quarter slot machine, the bet for each spin would be $1.25. If you hit a winning combination, you will win. Most of the times, you will get a higher payout if you bet more money. There are video slot machines that offer up to 20 or 25 paylines with all kinds of winning combinations.

When you play progressive slot machines, you will definitely need extra money to bet. At one point, there are those who are betting extra money on progressive slot machine win the extra money. Video and mechanical slots can both be progressive.

There may be lots of slot machine types but they all work in the same way and their payout percentages are almost alike.