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Favorable Slot Machine Odds to Win

Because of the many different slots that can be played with a great variety of themes and games to choose from, it can be said that to pinpoint slot machine odds can indeed be intimidating. The first rule of thumb would be that slot machine odds would always be given in the form of payback percentage. Since we are talking about percentages, it is right to assume that the closer the percentage is to 100, the better. It is also good to know that there are machines that exceed the 100 percent benchmark when it comes to payback.

Slot machine odds give the player a certain expectancy and increased hope of winning the jackpot, or at least leave one wishing that the money they bet would be returned. However in a typical casino gaming floor, finding the "loose slots" could be a near impossible task since these would be mixed with the hundreds of other slot machines. Some casinos would even place these machines where the thickest crowd would be so that those who see the winning players would be enticed into joining in the excitement. However as the public caught on, the strategy of casinos have changed. Now, there is no particular strategy that is being used to allow any single player to determine visually the slot machine odds.

To find out what the slot machine odds would be for any particular machine, one must try to determine the ones that would have the best return rates. The higher the betting denomination a slot accepts, the higher the slot machine odds. The logic behind this is simple. Casinos get more money out of slot machines with higher betting denominations than those that one can play for a nickel and hence the slot machine odds for the high betting denominations offer a significantly higher payout. Let's put it this way, the more high roller one is, the great the slot machine odds. There is so much more at stake and hence bigger chances of even just money return.

So how much bankrolls would one need to tilt slot machine odds in one's favor? Based on estimates, in an hour of play, one would need to spend approximately one hundred and forty five dollars on a five credit slot to do the trick. Some would even suggest to double the estimated amount given. To some, this may just be too much money to risk for slot machine odds.

However, one should understand that slot machine odds have never been an exact science. In fact, some are just really lucky and tilt slot machine odds in their favor with a much less initial bet amount. Maybe it really is just all about luck.