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Sever based Slot Machines

On April 2007 the regulating body for the games based in Nevada created the first system for games which will be operated by a computer server. They tested it with twenty slot machines first. The slots machines were operated by the computer servers. This movie is called the future of the industry for casino games. The approval of the committee meant that the computer server based slot machines can be played by people in casinos in the near future.

Companies like IGT, Bally's and WMS are some of the companies that have been working on this kind of technology. IGT was the first company with the same system to get the committee's approval. The companies spent a huge amount to develop the system.

The slot machines will be interconnected with each other and there is one main computer with the system operating all of them. The slot machines found on the floor of the casinos would be the terminals which would all be the same. The slot machine which has a cabinet can now have many other games and they will be downloadable. The managers operating on the main computer can alter the games the payouts and the bonuses. They can also change the amount the machines need as well as the promos. The work will no longer be done by a technician who does manual labor. The computer can let the manager change games in very little time. The games he can choose can have odds favorable to the casino.

For many years slot enthusiasts believed a myth that the management of the casinos alters a slot machine's payback in just one push of a button. They thought that casinos would make the machines tight on the payback during busy days like weekends. They would make the machines loose during days where there are fewer players as a marketing strategy so more people will play.

The discretion by the regulating committee in Nevada can start making a new change in the slot machines of many casinos in a few years time. A report stated that by 2009 the casinos will use these modern slot machines regularly. Many experts in the gaming industry said that most of the casino owners are willing to allocate only one fourth of their casino floor for the new machines.

The success of the computer based slot machines will depend on the slot players who frequent the casinos. They may not trust the system being used thus there will still be some people who will not patronize them.